8-8-19 Palmetto Bay FL 33157 8-8-19 Palmetto Bay FL 33157

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As always, it starts with a major home repair or just a trip to Home Depot! We start out with both a major plumbing issue.  But that is not why we are here. I will start from the point of tile install number 1.   After searching high and low we decided on a tile. […]

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I have known Kim longer than I can Remember. I was honored to be apart of this event. Here are some pictures that I took please feel free to download. Location Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus. (Right click and save as to download pictures)

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Travelers and locals alike flock to certain Virginia hotels every year at Christmastime. Why? These hotels go above and beyond to deliver a magical experience inside. The decorations are stunning, professional creations that stop you, and leave you standing with your mouth gaping wide open. Don’t believe me? To quote Disney’s Brave, “feast your eyes …” [...] Read More
Not sure where your next beach getaway should be? Check out this list of hidden treasures to help you get ready for some summer fun! Cold, wet and miserable are just some of the descriptions of winter weather. Often, in the midst of this dreary season, our minds are flooded with dreams of laying on the [...] Read More
Each November is a special month for shopping darlings. For everybody who is wild about shopping – Black Friday 2018 is coming! Consistently on that one exceptional Friday individuals from the entire world fall into a shopping craze. Numerous sit tight for that exceptional minute since past November. Thanksgiving is only an opportunity to rest [...] Read More